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Fresh Homemade Pasta


La Cucina Italiana

Having spent much time around Italian food we have been drawn into the beauty of the Italian Kitchen. Using wonderfully simple ingredients it brings forward a world of flavours, textures and experiences. Every kitchen is different and each family has their own way of doing things across Italy. What we offer is an insight into those cooking methods by bringing it closer to your home.

With Passion love and honesty our aim is to deliver the most authentic Italian food directly to your door.

Italian cuisine can really differ from one region to the next. What you would find in Lombardia would be different to Emilia Romagna. This would then be totally different in comparison to the warmer regions of Calabria and Sicilia. We aim to continually vary our menu to bring you a taste which spreads across all of these amazing and beautiful regions of Italy. In the hopes that when you do visit you'll recognise some authenticity!

making pasta
Il Gusto

The taste.

Margherita Pizza
Passion, Care & Quality

The Flavours

The ingredients we use makes a big difference to the overall flavours of our dishes. You should demand a level quality from your food which, even in its simplest form gives you great satisfaction that it is natural, local and what you taste is not artificial.

Moreover the attention we give to each stage of preparation is impeccable, treating our ingredients with care is important to us and it comes through in the result.